Foods to Feed Your Kids to Promote Healthy Smiles

Keeping your children’s teeth healthy can be a challenge. Kids often don’t want to brush their teeth. They also don’t want to give up their beloved sugary treats. What do you do in this case? Well, there are a few foods that will do wonders for your children’s smiles. Even so, it is still important to cut down on sugar and brush twice a day.

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In this video, you learn about a few of the best foods to feed your kids to promote healthy smiles.

Childrens dental health care professionals recommend eating foods high in vitamins A, D, and F. These vitamins promote healthy teeth and gum lines. Some food high in these minerals are butter and cod liver oil. Try mixing in more butter into your recipes. So long as your children are active, this should be no issue. On the other hand, good luck trying to get your children to eat cod liver oil. Instead, eggs and greens are a great substitute. Specifically, eggs can be made into so many delicious meals that your children will love while it also keeps their teeth healthy.


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