6 Tips to Having the Best Experience with Your Invisalign Treatment

Invisible braces for teeth have helped millions of adults achieve their smile goals. Most people think of braces as a corrective measure to straighten their smile, but teeth correction is not only about getting the perfect smile. Teeth correction helps to keep your teeth healthy.

Thanks to Invisalign aligners, more adults than ever are choosing to have treatment that will help keep their natural teeth in top condition, and the straight smile they always wanted. Adult invisible braces can correct a wide range of maladjustments.

Some people find affordable braces online through a certified provider of Invisalign braces. Invisible teeth aligner’s price can vary. However, you do want to be sure that you connect with an orthodontist that is certified to offer these types of aligners. You do need follow-up care to ensure that your teeth are moving in the right direction.

As an added bonus, some orthodontists will offer Invisalign free whitening. You can get the corrections that you need and the free whitening that you want to make your smile look amazing.

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It is so secret that Americans care about how their teeth look. That is one reason that at least $1.4 billion is spent every year on teeth whitening products and procedures. More and more people are turning to Invisalign braces to help them improve the look of their smile. If you are one of those people, these tips will help you get the smile you want:

  1. Wear your Invisalign aligners all of the time. No system such as this will work to give you the smile makeover that you want if you do not use it. When it comes to efficient tooth straightening, you need to wear your aligners for 20 to 22 hours every day. You need to take them out when you brush your teeth or eat but you can sleep with them in. The best sign that you are wearing them enough is when the new aligners feel great. If you do not wear them enough, you will just make it necessary to wear them longer.
  2. Take advantage of the attachments. To make your Invisalign aligners as effective as possible, your cosmetic dentist will put in attachments on certain teeth. These are pieces of bonding material. These are used to prevent the aligners from moving when you do not want them to. The bonding material is very effective at anchoring the aligner and keeping it in the right position in your mouth. Most of the time, these are not at all visible by other people. This depends entirely on how well the material is able to match your teeth and to which teeth they are attached.
  3. You may need IPR. Sometimes dentists will need to create more space between your teeth. To get this, your family dentist will use a process called interproximal reduction or IPR. What they do is gently and carefully sand the teeth to make this space. To determine how much and where this is needed, dentists use computer modeling. This is a safe way to help make sure you have the best Invisalign experience and get the best result.
  4. Maintain your new smile with your retainer. After you are done using your Invisalign equipment and gotten your smile to where you want it to be, you will be given a retainer to keep your smile looking great. People who do not keep up with their retainer often experience what is called “orthodontic relapse.” In these instances the teeth gradually go back to their original positions. When you finish the treatment, your dentist may recommend you wear the retainer a lot. At first, it will be every night. As your teeth stabilize, this will be reduced to once or twice every week.
  5. Keep your aligners fitting well with “chewies.” “Chewies” are cushions that are made from styrene copolymer. It is a lot like plastic. The point of these devices is to keep your aligners seated properly. When you switch out one aligner for the next, the new aligner should fit perfectly. By biting down on the devices you are given, you can do a lot to keep the right fit for your aligners and increase the likelihood that you will finish your treatment on schedule. You should use them a few times a day for between five and ten minutes. There should be no space between the aligner and your teeth.
  6. Talk to your dentist about the Propel procedure. This is a very simple procedure. Your dentist will put a small hole in the teeth that need more help moving into the right position. Using this kind of procedure can speed up the time it takes to correctly position your teeth by 60%. Some people have compared the Propel procedure to “acupuncture for your teeth” and it has been shown to be very effective in moving teeth faster. This procedure is virtually pain free.

At least 74% of all American adults think that the way a person’s smile looks can impact their career. It has been estimated that at least 96% of all people in the United States believe a good looking smile is needed for their social lives. Using the Invisalign system is one way to get the smile you want.

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