3 Creative, Everyday Ideas For Boosting You and Your Child’s Dental Health

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Did you know that tooth decay is five times more common than asthma, and occurs four times more than early-childhood obesity? Another disturbing fact is that tooth decay strikes a whooping 20 times more than diabetes! Getting kids to brush their teeth and comb their hair can be challenging, and at times can seem like it’s not worth it, but when you consider that students lose more than 51 million school hours every year due to illnesses related to dental problems, it is apparent that it is a much more dire situation.

Luckily, by instilling in your child good dental health practices, and visiting a pediatric dentist regularly, you can stop or reverse some of the adverse effects of poor childhood dental care. Check out these tips for making dental health fun and interactive.

1. Eat Food That Naturally Cleans Your Teeth
Did you know that apples are natures toothbrush? That’s right, they naturally scrub off grime and plaque. The same goes for healthy foods like popcorn (only a little butter), carrots, pineapples, and strawberries. Promote healthy eating and good dental health by making sure to incorporate foods like these into your child’s diet.

2. Make Brushing and Flossing A Family Ritual
This will hold the both of you accountable for your dental hygiene, as well as helping you to hold back from late night snacking and continuing to set a good example for your little one! Make it a game by competing by seeing who can brush the longest, and who has the least cavities when you visit the dentists. Spend time together researching good oral health and dental practices.

3. Get Special Toothbrushes and Paste Just For the Little Ones
You’ll be surprised how much this can change their outlook on dental hygiene. Having a special, personalized toothbrush can make their dental routine all their own…

78% of people will have a cavity by age 17, but that doesn’t mean your kids has to! Don’t neglect their dental health or education and get started now by helping them make it an irreplaceable part of their routine.

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