When You Need a Dentist, Who Can You Trust?

Dental review

When you are searching for a new dentist, whether you have moved to a new city, or are looking for a better fit for you, the first thing you are likely to look for are dentist reviews. The best dentist office reviews can come from a wide variety of sources, but not all dentist reviews are equally trustworthy. When it comes to choosing the person responsible for your health for years to come, it is important to use only the dentist reviews that you can trust.

The most trustworthy dental reviews that you are likely to find are from your friends and family. Unless, of course, they are out to get you. Otherwise, your friends and family have your best interest at heart, and would never recommend a dentist that they had a bad experience with. If you have moved far away from your childhood home, like I have, you probably cannot rely on your family for their dental reviews. Dentists likely cannot provide you with a list of independent references without violating the privacy of their patients, so the next best place to turn for dentists reviews is the web.

There are many websites that allow users to rank and review local services, dentist reviews included. But, not all sites are created equal. If a site does not require users to register to write reviews, the dentist reviews can be easily corrupted by dentists using sock puppets, or vindictive clients or competitors creating multiple negative reviews. The best online dentist reviews will be by someone who is registered and not anonymous. They have no qualms standing beside their words, which shows that they have conviction in what they are saying. Hopefully, the dentist reviewer will also have multiple reviews under their belt with a wide variety of reviews, both positive, negative, and neutral. This reduces the likelihood that they are a marketing shill for the dentist office.

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