What You Must Know About Orthodontic Care

There is a good chance your child has braces or will need them in the future. In the U.S, about 3.9 million children are orthodontic patients. Orthodontic treatment isn’t just present at your local othro exam, it should also be present at home. It is extremely important that your kid’s braces are taken care of outside of the orthodontist. There are a few ways you can ensure these metal braces are properly cared for with these at-home care instructions.

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Brushing with braces is a little more complex than brushing without. You will want to make sure the toothbrush is being turned in a circle motion and turning in three different positions. You will want to hit the top of the braces, the bottom of the braces, and the front of the braces. Make sure you are spending at least 30 seconds in each position. It is important to get under the wire with the brush to ensure you don’t miss any spots. Don’t forget to gently brush the gum line as well. This will help the gums from getting swollen during your orthodontic treatment. Repeating this brushing process at least three times a day after every meal will make for a healthy set of braces for your child.

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