Three Ways An Orthodontist Can Positively Affect Your Oral Health

If you’ve ever looked in a mirror, smiled and then did a double take because you didn’t like what you saw, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that just 35% of the population has well-aligned teeth and 32% of folks are “concerned by the look of their teeth.” It’s no wonder then that the dental industry continues to grow as folks young and old look for ways to get their smiles back.

One of the most solutions for misaligned teeth is braces, especially for children. In fact, it’s estimated that as many as four million Americans were braces. It’s not hard to see why as there are plenty of benefits to wearing them:

  • Helping to prevent tooth decay
  • Help to promote gum health
  • Helping to improve speech, especially among those with speech impediments
  • Helping to promote whiter teeth
  • Helping to improve digestion

It’s little wonder that many a dentist recommends braces to help straighten teeth. But as anyone who’s been recommended braces by dentists and has worn them knows, there are some cons to wearing them. For younger people, they can be a little unsightly, uncomfortable and a fuss to deal with since the average person is wearing them for a couple of years. They do help prevent tooth decay, but care must also be taken to still practice good hygiene habits.

For folks in need of braces, clear braces such as those offered by Invisalign are a good option. Why is that? Clear braces are more discreet, more comfortable and allow folks to feel less self-conscious about wearing them. On top of all that, they work just like regular braces. An online search can help you find invisalign providers in your area. Fast Braces are another less invasive option and help align teeth faster than traditional braces.

If you visit the dentist and he or she recommends braces, you’ll need to schedule an orthodontist appointment. Unlike a dentist, an orthodontist is a specialized dental practitioner who works with braces. You may be a little wary of visiting the dentist or orthodontist, but there are several benefits to doing so:

  • Proper alignment: Though many people have misaligned teeth, the nature and degree of misalignment is not the same for every person. What remains the same is that without braces, there’s a risk of doing major damage to your teeth. Chipped teeth and broken teeth can lead to other issues down the road and having an orthodontist straighten your teeth reduces the risk of that damage.
  • Gaining confidence: Do you feel embarrassed when you smile? Are you afraid to show your teeth when someone takes your picture? Any way you slice it, having misaligned teeth can do a lot to lower one’s self-confidence. Fortunately, an orthodontist can work their magic on your mouth to restore your confidence, improving your oral health and leave you unafraid to flash those pearly whites.
  • Better health: If you’ve sat in a dentist chair recently, you’ve likely heard those familiar reminders to brush and floss and keep your teeth clean. It’s good to have an oral hygiene routine, but having misaligned teeth can throw a monkey wrench into the whole thing. With misaligned teeth, the risk of infections and cavities increases and you may not get your mouth as clean as you think as food particles might get stuck in hard to reach places. With the help of an orthodontist, you can feel more confident that you’re keeping your teeth clean.

As you can see, there are many benefits that an orthodontist can have on your oral health, especially when braces are used. Whether you go the route of traditional braces or for something more “look-friendly” like clear braces or Fast braces, you’ll be well on your way to restoring your smile, boosting your self confidence and more than willing to show off your smile to friends and family alike. With braces, you’ll be able to follow a normal dental care routine and be confident that you’re keeping your teeth clean.

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