The importance of a healthy smile

When you open your mouth to speak or smile what is the first thing that comes to mind? A gorgeous glowing smile is a very important way to make a first impression. Did you know that almost 100% of adults believe a healthy smile is very important to your social life. Not only will you beam with self confidence with your pearly whites but people tend to think of you as a more well rounded individual if you take care of yourself.

Dentistry is very important to your health in more ways than one. Having infections from abscess teeth inside of your mouth can cause illness and internal damages. Being able to chew you’re food is also very important as well as it can cause issues with your stomach and digestive tracks. You will also avoid eating many foods because without teeth you won’t be able to chew or bite them. Picture yourself biting into an apple without front teeth or chewing apple slices with no molars. It would be next to impossible to chew properly without teeth so its best if you take care of the ones you have with professional dentistry.

If you find yourself needing dentistry to remove certain teeth just know there are options available to you for replacements. You can choose to get individual tooth implants as well as multiple implants to fill in the gaps in your mouth. They even make custom implants that attach to partial denture pieces for multiple tooth extractions. If you are in a place where you need to get a full denture set be sure to take very good care of your gums during the healing process. Implants are becoming more and more popular because they act just like your original teeth and last for years without the need for dentistry repair or replacement.

Be sure to tell your children the importance of proper dental hygiene. Having an abscess as a child can be a lot worse then when you’re an adult. As a child you don’t quite understand why your in pain and have to endure more to fix it. Pediatric dentists will help you to get through the process and explain all of your options. You can choose to do conscious sedation if your child is willing to, or you can choose to have them completely sedated in a hospital setting. Pediatric dentists are set up to distract kids from the actual dentistry with bright colors, toys, and TVs. They are trained to talk to your child calmly and explain the entire process using cute words to describe the tools they will remember and won’t scare them.

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