Here are 3 Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help Your Teeth

Of all the responsibilities given to us as adults, one of the most important is taking care of our teeth, since we only have the one set of adult teeth to last the rest of our lives. The American Dental Association recommends brushing twice a day, and most will also recommend flossing on a daily basis as well. However, sometimes despite everything, one can find themselves in need of cosmetic dentistry. Unlike a general dentist, cosmetic dentistry focuses on repairing and adjusting the aesthetic look of one’s teeth. There are actually several ways cosmetic dentistry that can help your teeth in ways that a general dentist can’t, and that’s what this article will be looking at.

  • Invisalign: One way cosmetic dentistry can help your teeth is through Invisalign. This is a process, similar to traditional metal braces, that can re-align and straighten crooked teeth. Statistics show that only 35% of adults have well-aligned front teeth, and Invisalign can be a major help in fixing this issue. Unlike braces, Invisalign is made of plastic, and can be slipped off the teeth at will. Furthermore, the plastic ensures that the mouth pieces aren’t visible the way metal braces are, allowing patients to have their teeth corrected without too much embarrassment.
  • Veneers: Another way cosmetic dentistry can help your teeth is through dental veneers. This is a type of dental work that focuses on improving the overall look of one’s teeth. Veneers are a thin layer of material, traditionally porcelain, that are placed over the existing teeth, creating the appearance of teeth that are clean and whole. Veneers can cover over cracked and stained teeth, but should not be confused with dentures. Veneers are bonded onto existing teeth, while dentures replace teeth entirely.
  • Dental Implants: And finally, a third way cosmetic dentistry can help your teeth is through dental implants. These are fully-formed artificial teeth that can be attached to the gums in place of teeth that have been removed or fallen out. The general purpose of dental implants is to fill gaps in the smile, and create the appearance of a healthy row of teeth. Dental implants look exactly like normal teeth, and can’t be told apart from the real thing unless one looks really close at it.

In conclusion, there are several ways cosmetic dentistry can help your teeth in ways that a general dentist can’t. These ways include using Invisalign, using veneers, and using dental implants as necessary. Keep in mind that these are just a few of the ways that cosmetic dentistry can help your teeth.

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