Gingivitis is More Common Than You Think

In this video, you will learn about gingivitis. More people have gingivitis than you might think. In fact, over 70% of our population has gingivitis. It means inflammation of the gum tissue.

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There are two types; plaque-induced and non-plaque induced. They are either caused by poor oral hygiene or by other unrelated factors. It is involving the area beyond the gum tissue. The bone, which is the tooth, can get infected. Eventually, you may lose the tooth. You want to eliminate gingivitis and prevent it from getting to more serious stages. Some symptoms you see are bleeding, redness, and tenderness of the gum. If there is a patient who comes in, they will automatically take a picture of the gums to see if there are bacteria in there that can be harmful to the tooth. Good oral hygiene and cleanings at the dentist can eliminate the plaque that causes gingivitis. As far as home care is concerned, it is important to remove the plaque that is between the teeth. Brushing throuhougly makes a huge difference. Flossing and using a water cleaning device can make a huge difference. If you catch it early, it isn’t too bad.

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