Denture Dentists Making The Best False Teeth

Dentures are an incredible way to restore the quality of life back to individuals who are missing some teeth. The denture dentists creating these false teeth have been doing so for hundreds of years, and as technology moves forward, so does the quality of dentures.

The dentist will first take a cast of the patient’s mouth to ensure a proper fit to the remaining teeth or the exposed gums.

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This cast is left to set in the mouth, and once it’s removed, it dries and hardens into a stone-like material. This stone will help the dentist to create a mold.

After the stone has had a chance to harden, the dentist will use it to place the false teeth in the denture. Each tooth is aligned with the opposite set of teeth to ensure proper fit in the mouth.

These denture dentists then cast the false teeth in a wax that looks similar to the patient’s gums, allowing a lifelike replica to be made. The excess wax is trimmed off to reveal a lovely smile to help the patient.

The embedded video goes into greater detail about the denture creation process, and shows all materials used by the dentist to craft a perfect smile.

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