Dental CareA Smile’s Best Friend


Seeing a dentist for preventative care is, for some people, a routine event, and for others it is a luxury. Many people do have dental health coverage; however, there are also too many who do not. Preventative dentistry is important for the health of teeth and gums, but it is not always something that is possible to do. Especially among people who have no coverage and no way to pay for what sometimes can be expensive dental treatment, there are many who simply do not visit the dentist’s office. Others cannot or will not see a dentist any more than once in three years.
Because of lack of dental care, people will sometimes cover their teeth so that they won’t be seen in pictures or when they smile or laugh.

Pediatric Dentistry suggests that children have their first dental visit around the age of one year, or soon after they get their first tooth. At birth children have in their mouth 20 primary teeth forming within the gums. By the time a toddler is three years old, all 20 of those primary teeth have normally broken through. Children’s teeth should be examined by a dentist regularly throughout childhood to be sure the teeth are healthy and growing as they should. Occasionally a child will need braces, in which case the dentist will refer their parents to an orthodondist to have that work done.

Typically, each time a child has a dental checkup they will be given a new toothbrush and will be instructed to throw their old one away. A toothbrush should be changed out every three to four months; however, 75% of people say that they are not as diligent at replacing the old with the new as they should be. In addition, dental professionals suggest flossing at least once per day. Only 22% of people say that they actually do.

Cosmetic dentistry can be a life saver for people whose teeth have been damaged by years of lack of dental care, or by some type of injury. These days dentists can perform tooth repair and replacement that was unheard of years ago. A bridge made of two crowns can be placed in the mouth, one on each side of the gap where a tooth is missing, with a false tooth placed in between. Porcelain veneers can be placed, or bonded over teeth that have been stained or chipped. Dentists are also able to give patients dental implants that look as real as real can be. Once the work is done, patients will generally feel as though they have a new lease on life. Professional dental care is a smile’s best friend.

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