4 Preventive Care and Oral Hygiene Tips for a Bright Healthy Smile

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No one enjoys covering their mouth whenever they want to smile, which is why healthy oral hygiene is vital. Typically, poor oral hygiene foster serious dental as well as medical problems such as tooth decay, gum disease, infections among others. It’s through preventive dentistry and regular check-ups; these dental conditions can be avoided.

Estimates show that 1 out of 4 American shies away from smiling due to poor mouth and teeth condition. As of that, most of these people suffer esteem issues, which can have an adverse impact on their personalities. Dental problems are easily noticeable, and therefore they need to be urgently treated before any further infection to the body.

In order to avoid common dental and oral problems like bad breath, unusual pink gums, sore gums or bleeding, daily preventive care steps are recommended. These steps comprise of your daily diet and proper oral hygiene routine such as flossing, brushing, mouth washing, eating a balanced diet.

Tooth Brushing
This is one of the simplest steps to keep your teeth clean. Actually, it is the most common oral hygiene routine that cost less and requires less effort. Dentists recommend brushing your teeth at least 3 times a day or after any heavy meal. However, brushing your teeth entails more than just inserting a brush and scrubbing the inner parts of your mouth. To properly brush your teeth, your first need to position the bristles near the gum line. Then, using a back-and-forth, up-and-down motion, gently brush the tooth surface for about 2 minutes.

Repeat this process, but now focus on the inner surface of the mouth. Since this surface is soft and prone to tear, it’s advisable to gently brush using slow strokes. Your brushing routine isn’t over yet until you brush the upper and lower surface of the mouth, which often hosts bacteria that causes bad breath. However, if you fail to brush your teeth after a meal, thoroughly mouth rinse with water to remove food particles.

In dentistry, flossing is the recent technique used in oral preventive and dental care. It’s a process that removes food particles using the cord of thin filaments that covers the hard to reach areas between your teeth. This method is popular since it’s able to eliminate dental plaque, which is the main cause of dental disease such a dental calculus and periodontitis.

Diet plays an important role in maintaining a bright and healthy smile. But to attain that, you need to avoid foods with high sugar content and replace them with some fruits. Fruits such as strawberry and apple provide nutrients for strong and healthy teeth. In addition, these fruits trigger saliva production that acts as a natural cleanser in teeth whitening.

Phosphorus is a necessary mineral found in various beverages, but too much of this mineral reduces the level of calcium, which is another important mineral for strong and healthy teeth. As a result, gum disease is evident and therefore, doctors advise on taking these beverages in small quantities and instead, take more of milk.

In Coral Gables dentistry, findings show that regular check ups help reduce dental illness by up to 60%. Good oral hygiene is paramount even to your career. For instance, nearly 74% of adults fear that unappealing smile is a hindrance to their career milestones. This might not be entirely true, but who wouldn’t want to smile all the way to their success? Good oral hygiene is about creating healthy habits.

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