The Future of Dentistry Is Robotic

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Dentistry is one of the ten most ethical and trusted professions in the U.S. The future of dentistry could involve artificial intelligence. Surveys have already indicated that some people would allow a robotic dentist to perform some dental work. Scientists and economists are already predicting that robots will be working in fast food restaurants taking drive-thru orders. You may even be seeing robots rotating tires or changing oil in cars. However, can you imagine a robot cleaning your teeth, filling a cavity or performing a root canal?

There Is Room for A.I. and the Human Touch

While many people say they are alright with a robot performing some dentistry, there are certain procedures that they want a dentist to directly provide. A survey that was conducted online of over 500 people by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University researchers discovered how people honestly feel about the idea of robotic dentist