Three Ways An Orthodontist Can Positively Affect Your Oral Health

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If you’ve ever looked in a mirror, smiled and then did a double take because you didn’t like what you saw, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that just 35% of the population has well-aligned teeth and 32% of folks are “concerned by the look of their teeth.” It’s no wonder then that the dental industry continues to grow as folks young and old look for ways to get their smiles back.
One of the most solutions for misaligned teeth is braces, especially for children. In fact, it’s estimated that as many as four million Americans were braces. It’s not hard to see why as there are plenty of benefits to wearing them:

  • Helping to prevent tooth decay
  • Help to promote gum health
  • Helping to improve speech, especially among those with speech impediments
  • Helping to promote whiter teeth
  • Helping to improve digestion

It’s little wonder that many a dentist recommends braces to help straighten teeth. But as anyone who’s been recom

7 Truths About Root Canal and Root Canal Alternative Procedures You Should Know

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With modern advances in dental technology, there are plenty of compelling reasons to visit your family dentist – before any discomfort begins, or worse, before it becomes a dental emergency. Here we debunk a few of the most common myths about root canal therapy (endodontics), cosmetic dentistry and emergency dental care.

  • Myth: A root canal is the only alternative to tooth extraction for saving a tooth.Truth: Alternative Root canal treatment may be indicated under certain circumstances, such the source and severity of the tooth’s infection. Often, there are other factors, such as a periodontal (gum and bone) infection present, that may not indicate a patient’s need for root canal.
  • Myth: A root canal cannot be performed by a dentist if you have dental crowns.Truth: Your family dentist will make a proper diagnosis and recommenda
  • Cosmetic Dentistry: Working to Improve Your Smile

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    cosmetic dentistDentistry is the science of working with and repairing teeth so that patients can enjoy life without having to deal with oral pains. While most of us may just think of routine cleanings and fillings when we think of dentistry, there is another side to the science that we may not consider. Cosmetic dentistry is an art as much as it is a science, and cosmetic dentists can perform many services for their patients. Here are a few of those services.

    Bonding, Crowning, and Veneers
    These three services all involve repairing the tooth itself. Chipping, cracking, and breaking are some of the reasons that these three services need to be done. Bonding is repairing gaps and chips in teeth through the placement of materials where they are needed. These bonding materials are the same ones that are used to fill holes from drilling cavities.

    Crowning is essentially placing a porcelain cap over an exposed tooth to either protect it or replace the top of the existing tooth. This is done to help cover large fillings, hold a bridge in place, or just to help even out a bite due to an irregularly sized tooth.

    Veneers are plastic or porcelain shells that are placed around existing teeth in order to repair a tooth that may have a chip or is shaped in a way that makes a smile or bite awkward. These veneers are placed with care and can really help to improve the patient’s smile and bite.

    Dental Shaping and Contouring
    As well as repairing teeth, a dentist can also reshape healthy teeth with a variety of different tools. Contouring involves using tools to remove some of the enamel from the tooth. This is done if a patient’s bite is off or if extra enamel affects their alignment. Shaping can also be done in order to fix irregular teeth.

    Tooth Whitening
    Whitening is also a service that these artists can help you with. Many times we run to the drug store to buy a tooth whitening kit. These kits, however, can be left on too long or can hurt our teeth. Dentists use a bleaching solution to whiten teeth and supervise the entire process, ensuring that there are no unwanted side effects and that our smiles are just the right shade of white.

    Alignment Services
    Dentists can also provide several services to help us align our teeth and improve our smiles. Braces is a very popular way to do this, especially for young teens. Now there are also new ways to align teeth, such as invisible braces and aligners that can be taken off for meals and brushing. This service can take much longer to do than the other services.

    Cosmetics in dentistry is something that we have all seen before, but many of us may not have known much about what these dentists do. Without knowing it, your family dentist may also be a cosmetic dentist. Whenever you have a tooth that needs to be capped, a smile that needs to be fixed, or a gap that needs to be filled, a dentist working to improve the appearance of your smile is the one you would see.

    Competing with Beavers in Strengthening Enamel

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    Beavers are widely recognized for their powerful jaws and enlarged front incisors that the animals use to chew through wood and other materials. Recently, researchers from Northwestern University performed a study on the teeth of beavers and other rodents in hopes of finding the secrets behind their extremely strong teeth. Through a variety of tests, scientists discovered that though beaver teeth are similar in overall structure compared to humans, they did have a chemical difference. The reddish-brown enamel that protects the mammal’s teeth largely consists of the mineral iron. The researchers hope that this information will lead to future improvements in human oral health.

    The Cost of Poor Oral Health
    According to the American Dental Association, Americans spend more than $100 billion every year for professional dental care. The majority of money spent by patients visiting dentists is targeted at treating tooth decay. The World Health Organization claims that up to 90 percent of children in the world and close to 100 percent of adults have required dental treatment for cavities. While people are at a disadvantage compared to our tail-flapping little friends, there are techniques that we can use to help boost the health or our teeth.

    Strengthening Enamel
    Enamel is the translucent hard shell that covers and protects teeth when biting and chewing. The enamel also acts as insulation from temperature changes and chemicals. As the substance does not contain living cells, the body cannot make repairs if injury occurs. The fluoride found in toothpaste and water helps strengthen enamel by depositing crystals, which remineralize the coating. Green tea also contains fluoride along with catechin polyphenols that kill harmful bacteria that can lead to tooth decay or gum disease. Research performed by the Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine learned that drinking one cup of green tea daily reduced decay by 19 percent. Cranberry juice and red wine also contain bacteria fighting polyphenols.

    Beneficial Foods
    Researchers from Tufts University found that cocoa also has enamel strengthening benefits. Scientists claim that the common baking ingredient proved more effective than fluoride in protecting teeth. The chemical compound responsible for the barrier protecting action is known as theobromine. Cocoa also contains magnesium, with is the mineral found in human tooth enamel. So when the weather turns cold, feel free to indulge in a cup of hot cocoa. Other foods rich in the enamel building mineral include avocados, bananas, beans, dark leafy greens, dried fruit, fish, nuts, seeds, whole grains and yogurt.

    Another method of keeping microbes at bay includes altering the pH of saliva. The herb licorice raises pH levels and effectively kills Streptococcus mutans, which has been associated with decay and gum disease. Chewing gum and other foods containing the sweetener xylitol is also poisonous to the bacteria. The organisms happily consume the substance as a food source similar to sugar. However, they cannot metabolize the compound. As the xylitol accumulates, the microbes die. Be sure to include foods rich in vitamins A, C and D along with calcium in your diet everyday. These nutrients are also important for keeping teeth and gums healthy.

    Emergency Dental Care Is Becoming Easier to Find

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    Emergency dental care can be a challenge for any family. Dental accidents do not happen on a nine to five schedule, nor on appointment. As a result, it can be hard to find emergency dental care when an accident happens. One could visit a hospital emergency room for emergency dental care. Often, they may be able to pull in emergency dentists on staff. This is only a guarantee for larger hospitals, though. Smaller hospitals, charity hospitals and those in rural areas do not have the resources to administer emergency dental care on demand. A better alternative for emergency dental care are emergency dental offices. Most are still located in larger metropolitan areas, and are often colocated in regular dentist offices. That said, many dental offices have at least one dentist on call at all times, and a few even have 24 hour care. Dental accidents do happen. Sports injuries, falls, and traumas can cause tooth loss. When this happens, it is essential to have emergency dental care that works on the schedule that life does. To learn about options available in the area, one should ask his dentist to see who can provide emergency dental care when needed.

    Finding a Good Calgary Dentist

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    Going to a Calgary dentist at least twice a year is going to be really important to do if you want to maintain strong and healthy teeth. However, most people don’t like going to their dentist. There are lots of reasons for this but usually it is because most people haven’t found the right dentist for them. They haven’t found the dentist that makes them feel at ease while in the dentist chair. You will want to find the right Calgary dentist who will take the time and explain what they are going to do a clear and precise manner and reassure you that it’s not going to hurt. Finding the right dentist is going to crucial for those who want to have a pleasant experience during your dental visit. When looking for a Calgary dentist you will want one that will get along will with you and your family. The right dentist should also have the proper experience for the kind of dental treatments you’ll be receiving. Finding a good Calgary dentist can be very challenging but it really doesn’t have to be. If this is the first time for choosing a dentist it can be a bit overwhelming. However, there are simple steps you can do take to find the right Calgary dentist. First of all, you can ask your family and friends to recommend a good Calgary dentist. Ask your trusted people at work too. You never know, they might know of the perfect Calgary dentist to tell you about. Your friends can most likely recommend a Calgary dentist you would get along with and like. Another person who might recommend a good dentist for you is your doctor. You can always ask the Calgary Dental Association for a referral too. Another way to find a Calgary dentist is online. Checking the internet now is a really good way to find a good Calgary dentist too.

    Dental Care Tips

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    Every part of the body needs special attention and care but dental care is very important. Teeth of a person have aesthetic as well as functional importance so it is crucial to take proper care of the teeth in order to look great and remain healthy. If a person does not consider dental care then there are greater chances that he/she will have to spend lot of money because of different dental problems. For dental care, it is very important to remember that teeth can be damaged as a result of excessive brushing. Brushing, more than two times in a day can be harmful for the teeth. Brushing after having acidic foods is also harmful for the teeth. Consuming some particular food items like vinegar and lemon can be harmful for the teeth if these are taken regularly. Mouth wash can be helpful for killing bacteria inside mouth. Some people go through the procedures of tooth whitening that can damage their teeth so it is better to consult a dentist for getting better suggestion for resolution of the problem. Use of herbal teas can also damage the teeth so doctors suggest to use old black or green teas. An important dental care tip is to avoid sports drinks, red and white wine because they can be harmful for the teeth. It has been found in researches that those people who swim in public pools continuously have greater chances of teeth erosion as compared to others. There are different food items that can be helpful for dental care like cranberries are found to be the best source of preventing tooth decay. Gum diseases can be reduced by intake of omega 3 products. As the human body is affected by the diet a person takes so the teeth problems can be reduced by considering the food. Healthy and nutritious food can be used if a person is concerned about his/her teeth. Dental health is greatly dependent on the dental care, so healthy diet schedule can be the best source of maintaining the fitness of teeth. Although different products can be used to improve the looks of the teeth but proper dental care is very important. Calcium is very useful for the teeth so intake of foods that are enriched with calcium can be the best source of making the teeth strong and healthy. Proper dental care protects people from many other diseases as well.