Straighten Your Teeth With Modern Invisible Braces

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For many kids and adolescents, braces are a part of life for awhile. However, braces have come a long way. Back in the day braces were bulky and uncomfortable. Oftentimes they were even accompanied by unsightly headgear that made simple tasks like eating and enjoying life difficult. Orthodontics has changed. Nowadays, patients are offered an array of different types of braces, depending on their needs. From clear braces, invisible braces, and invisalign, the options for braces for kids are numerous.
Braces have been around for awhile. In fact, the earliest braces were designed back in 1728 and were nothing more than a flat piece of metal connected by thread to the teeth. It wasn’t until 1915 that orthodontic brackets were invented and used for the first time, and it was NASA that eventually made the metal used in modern braces.
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