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7 Truths About Root Canal and Root Canal Alternative Procedures You Should Know

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With modern advances in dental technology, there are plenty of compelling reasons to visit your family dentist – before any discomfort begins, or worse, before it becomes a dental emergency. Here we debunk a few of the most common myths about root canal therapy (endodontics), cosmetic dentistry and emergency dental care.

  • Myth: A root canal is the only alternative to tooth extraction for saving a tooth.Truth: Alternative Root canal treatment may be indicated under certain circumstances, such the source and severity of the tooth’s infection. Often, there are other factors, such as a periodontal (gum and bone) infection present, that may not indicate a patient’s need for root canal.
  • Myth: A root canal cannot be performed by a dentist if you have dental crowns.Truth: Your family dentist will make a proper diagnosis and recommenda