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When people are forced to relocate for jobs, family, school, or other reasons, it can be tough living where they have no family or friends to whom they can turn for advice. But life waits for no one, and they will have to take the initiative to find new doctors and dentists sooner than later. But where do you even begin when you have nobody to give you a recommendation and absolutely no point of reference? Well, the most obvious place to begin is the internet. But hold off on doing local searches for dentists, because it is always best to consult dental office reviews. The cool thing about living during the so called “Information Age” is not only the infinite information we have at our fingertips, but for the fact that we can get first hand advice from others. Dentist office reviews are one of the be

James L Rutledge DDS MAGD Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry in Virginia Beach Virginia

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James L Rutledge DDS MAGD Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry

2025 Pleasure House Road

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23455

(757) 464-0271

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Extensive clinical experience coupled with a high level of training, creates a special understanding of the functional and esthetic requirements for creating a natural smile, replacing missing teeth and preserving a healthy mouth. We believe that, for most people, dentistry can be a very different experience! We believe that it can be more successful, more comfortable, more individualized, more collaborative, more respectful, more long-lasting, more predictable , and more natural-looking than is routinely experienced. We also believe that it can be less costly, over the long-term, and less troublesome. We are a contemporary dental practice deeply committed to preventive dentistry and all aspects of dental care for adults. We believe that careful, conservative, modern strategies have the greatest chance of preserving teeth, optimizing health and minimizing costs. We have experience with solving the simplest to the most complex dental problems. We devote a considerable amount of time to getting to know your situation and listening to your concerns and desires. We find this to be the most important part of creating the best outcomes. Most treatment can be done in phases to better fit your life and your budget. Your treatment will be appropriate for you because you will be given information in such a way that you will understand your conditions and all reasonable options.